• Image of Good Tape : "Classic White" Foam Tape
  • Image of Good Tape : "Classic White" Foam Tape

Finally! A usable foam tape in a color other than black!

I wanted to bring white foam grip to the scene not just so people can use full sheets of white - but so it is easier to get creative! Seeing how you all use this in your own way is what has me most excited.

Features :
White In Color
Minty Colored Backing Paper (An IDLE special!)
Wider than average for those riding 35mm or wider!
Endless Possibilities!

Good Tape is currently only available in 5 packs. If you prefer larger or smaller packs please send me an email and let me know so I can make them available later. I also plan to have Good Tape available in black in the not too distant future.

These will be sent in a normal envelope with a stamp to keep the cost to a minimum! <3


  • 5 Sheets
    25 in stock